“We have been very happy to utilise the expertise and services of JNJ Financial Management for over 30 years. During that time, we have seen and shared together, several economic booms, recessions and many other life changing events.

Their sound impartial advice and guidance throughout has steered us through good times and bad times and to their credit, we continue to rely on them in both our business and personal lives today and we appreciate all that they have achieved for us.

Their thorough understanding of our individual ambitions has been paramount in helping us to make those financial decisions that have assisted us in reaching our goals to date.”

Mr & Mrs SW (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire)
Joint Business Owners
“When we started looking for an investment adviser, we were clear we wanted one who would fully understand us and all our needs.
JNJ Financial Management (JNJ) have looked after our investments for over 10 years. In that time we have seen our portfolios deliver excellent results.
JNJ have given us a personal service, throughout with excellent communication skills and independent advice that has reflected any change in our circumstances.
This approach has left us worry free to enjoy our retirement.”
Mr & Mrs MJH (Warwickshire)
Retired Business Owner & Retired CEO of an NHS Trust
“JNJ Financial Management (JNJ) have been our financial advisers for some 20 years. Throughout that period they have given us first class impartial advice with regards to both our investment portfolios and pension arrangements.
The advice has always been given with very professional explanations, making it easy for us to understand.
JNJ have also guided us regarding our estate planning and their advice has helped us to significantly mitigate our Inheritance Tax liabilities.
We have been very confident to accept their advice and will continue to use them for many years to come.”
Mr & Mrs AB (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands)
Retired Chartered Accountant & Retired Business Owner
“Being a relatively recent (2011) client of JNJ Financial Management (JNJ) has only served to underline the difference and professionalism of their service.

My finances were certainly overdue some attention before I first met them. JNJ took time to listen carefully to my situation and lifestyle and exactly what I needed my investments to do for me, before providing me with a tailored approach that continues to meet my needs.

I have complete confidence in Richard and his team and I am happy in the knowledge that their ongoing review of the markets keeps my investment portfolio in the very best of health.”

Mrs JEB (Northamptonshire)
“Richard Jennings has managed our investments for over 20 years. We are lucky to have found him.

His intellect and integrity have guided us through the ups and downs. He is always ahead of the game and we have a thorough understanding of our investments, owing to the care he takes to explain the detail.

Richard is well informed, efficient, trustworthy, charming and hard working and happily, we are much enriched by his guidance.”

Mrs & Mrs AJ
Self employed business owner
“In the time that JNJ Financial have managed my investments, I feel that my portfolio has been overseen with professionalism, knowledge of the market, understanding & integrity.

Richard Jennings has given his time willingly, carefully explaining the process of investing and I have complete trust in the advice given in order to assist me in achieving my goals”

Mrs LM (Warwickshire)
“In the time that JNJ Financial have managed my investments, I feel that my portfolio has been overseen with professionalism, knowledge of the market, understanding & integrity.

Richard and the team of JNJ Financial Management have been ‘looking after’ my investments for over 20 years. During the highs and lows of our economic times Richard has styled my investments to suit my lifestyle with total integrity ensuring I understand the reasons for change where necessary. I totally trust and value their advice.”

Mrs MC
“JNJ Financial Management – what can we say!

Richard Jennings and his team have looked after our financial interests for some 35 years – that really tells it all. The advice we have been given over the years and the dealings we have with Richard make us feel that it has become a friendship rather than business! We totally trust his judgement and hope we will be dealing with him for several more years yet.

Richard is totally trustworthy and his integrity and intellect give us every confidence in his judgement – he is always one step ahead in the game.”

Mr & Mrs JC (Wolverhampton, West Midlands)