Retirement Planning

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Whether you are at the stage in your life when you are thinking about building your retirement pot for the future, or you would like some advice on possibly consolidating some of your existing pension arrangements (pre or post retirement), or you would like advice on how to actually take your benefits, now that you have accumulated the retirement funds you feel you need, then JNJ Financial can help you, with friendly expertise and specialist knowledge.


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Retirement Planning

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We often find that people have collected a number of different pension arrangements over the years. This is particularly the case where there have been a few changes of jobs along the way.

Transferring into a single, modern day pension arrangement, can offer a number of valuable benefits and if handled correctly, can be a fairly straightforward process. You need to ensure though that you do not lose guarantees and protected benefits in the process.

JNJ Financial can help you in this and apply their considerable pensions expertise to ensure the whole consolidation process is done efficiently and in a timely manner (although timescales can be dictated as to how quickly your existing providers can supply us with the data we need. Some are efficient at doing this, others less so).


When planning for retirement, you need practical, expert advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances. After all, each and every one of us has unique expectations, whether it be long-term financial security for one’s family, to fulfil a life-long ambition, or just to relax and watch the world go by – and why not ?!! Whatever your expectations are, we can help achieve those goals.

Effective retirement planning demands careful consideration of a broad range of personal priorities, commitments and hopes. Your choices are greater than ever before, but so is the need for early action.

Now that people are generally living longer and retiring earlier (and the State cannot of course afford to meet all of our pension needs), it is more important than ever to start planning – and investing – early.

There are now also a lot more options for you to choose from, in both the pre and post retirement phases.

We will work closely with you and any of your other professional advisers, as desired, to help create the future you want.


There are now many different ways to generate income in retirement and many different tax issues to consider as well. Some of these tax issues can in fact be quite onerous if not handled correctly. Pensions Freedom for instance, introduced in April 2016, gives total flexibility in the way we can all take our pension benefits. But some routes can lead to much higher tax burdens than others.


Please contact us now for a friendly chat and quality, bespoke advice, on the various options available to you.


The value of your pension investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Income from a pension can go down as well as up. Inflation will reduce how much your income is worth over the years. A pension is a long term investment. Your eventual income in retirement may depend upon the size of the fund at your chosen retirement date, future interest rates, future growth rates and tax legislation.

Regulatory Information

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Please note that tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are thankful to have met Richard many years ago. He has enabled us to enjoy a troubled free retirement, managing our investments perfectly to suit our lifestyle.

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